Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Kmart Saga Continues...

So as some of you know, I am still furious about the HORRIBLE graphic tees I recently found at our local Kmart. I wrote them an email, got a form response. I then said I wanted to communicate with the parent company and a customer service rep gave me the corporate address for SEARS.
I just mailed them a letter, reiterating what I said in my Boo Hiss post. I will let you know if I get any response.

So it is funny how things work out. I was checking out the hardy girls healthy women website today and found an article about girls in action from December 2006. These girls were protesting Kmart and their awful t-shirt depicting violence on a girl cartoon character by a boy. Kmart/Sears tried to say it was "light-hearted." I am really at a loss with this company. For over a year now (at least) they chose to bimbo-fy, degrade and occasionally show violence on little girls ages 4 and up?

I obviously need to do more research on Kmart and their history. I have looked extensively at Kmart's competition (locally) and I can safely say that Target, Kohl's, Mervyn's, Walmart and The Children's Place have markedly better messages for girls on their graphic apparel. If I don't get the answers I want, I smell a petition or at least a lot of squawking from me. I am just tired of the disrespect I am seeing at this store. I will talk to the manager tomorrow. If anybody reading this blog finds these kind of t-shirts at their local store and you feel strongly they should not be there, please call the manager and tell him or her. Maybe they will finally get the message.

And I want to personally thank Drs. Lamb and Brown for getting back to me so promptly and allowing me to quote their book Packaging Girlhood (my inspiration book) on this blog.

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