Friday, March 7, 2008

Boo Hiss Awards

As opposed to being pleasantly surprised by some non-offensive graphic tees at Kohl's, was not so lucky at K-mart. Found these graphics in the girls (size 4-16) section:
* Royalty Girls Team (with prerequisite crown)
* I heart Shopping
* Girls just want to have phone
* You Go Girl, and Keep Going (on a bra and panty set, size 6 because every kindergartner needs one of these)
* Rhinestone logos: Hershey's, Reese's, etc.
* Don't Just Stand There, Buy Me Something
* an entire new line of clothing called "Wcked"
* Danger- Girl With Bad Attitude
* Talking 24-7
* What do you mean NO?
* I love attention, just not yours
* Wake me up when class is over
* School is awesome, when it's closed
* Life is too short to do my homework
* I love to drive my teachers crazy
* What homework?
* Spoil me Rotten
* (row of lipsticks pictured, text written by a lipstick) 100% Girl
* Always a Glamour Girl

I found one shirt for my 4 year old: Peace, Love, Friends. There were a few "girls rock", horses and kitten shirts. But the overwhelming message for girls (ages 4 and up) was be a sassy, school-hating , little boy toy, shopping addict.

Does Kmart really hate girls this much? I am going to write the company and tell them how unhappy I am with these messages. I will let you know if they respond.

A friend told me about this article. Good news- girls still do like science and math:
article from yahoo


Cindy said...

Just wanted to stop by and say I love your blog. I don't have a little girl, but I once was one and can truly appreciate someone celebrating the brains and not necessarily the "beauty" that society sees. If I should ever be blessed with a girl of my own I believe that I will be on a similar quest as you. Also wanted to share a site that offers this cute little T that says, "President Not Princess"

Cindy said...

Ok, one more...

I'll leave ya alone now. ;)