Friday, April 4, 2008

Kmart, Shmaymart

OK, I did go in and ask to see the manager after picking up some of the horrible t-shirts, etc. at our local Kmart. Boy, that manager looked like he couldn't wait to talk to crazy wacko me. He was nice enough and admitted that:
1) maybe the messages were not the best (but he didn't think they were overtly horrible)
2) he would not let his own daughter wear any of them
3) they have pulled merchandise the management has found overtly offensive before
4) he would bring up at his next regional (or whatever) meeting that some customers are not happy with these graphic designs.

So I chalk up a teensy victory. I thanked him for his time, and told him he has a hard job. If anyone has ever worked retail, his job is pretty much a non-stop nightmare. And I did tell him that since my daughter is starting to read, she will not be going to the children's clothes section "because I do not want her to think that is what being a girl is all about."

I would encourage anyone that feels the same, to please take a couple of minutes and discuss the matter with the store manager. Maybe each little complaint will equal big change- someday!

OK now for some funny kid stories. We are doing our spring round up outside. Dear hubby pays the kids to pull the weeds. We were quite surprised when dear daughter was crying when her brother pulled "her" weed. It turns out she got some carrot seeds, planted them months ago in the flower bed and forgot about them. Pulled up the bunch to find some carrots. They were pretty tasty!

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