Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Roller Coaster Ride

this parenting stuff is. I had better get used to it. Just when I was thinking things are going well for our girls, I see this article. What the heck is this? Disturbing sure. But what is driving teenage girls to send nude photos out on cell phones? Do they think it will be kept private? Do they want it to be forwarded? Why are they risking so much to be seen as sexual? What is it costing them? Is it not enough to be sexual in private- now they need to show the world? Are porn queens at the career day fair?

I remember the high school hormone days. But I didn't see or hear about any naked pictures in circulation. OK there was the one time one girl pulled out a Polaroid picture and flashed us freshman with it in the girls locker room. That was traumatic enough!

Is it just technology? Are teens wired different now? Is it the media MTV, VH-1, surfing the net? I just don't get it. I wish I knew a teen girl well enough to have a candid conversation about it. I just don't get why this is "the norm." In my opinion, it is hard enough to come to terms with your sexual self in high school. Figuring out how to deal with hormones, emotions and respect for yourself without planning your next porn pose to send out on the world wide web.

I guess forwarding pictures of your A papers would not get you up in the ranks of the skanks in high school. Just say NO to teen porn! LOL it is sad that little girls can use that message.............................

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Phain said...

i read this article too and immediately thought of my 15 and 13 year old nieces. speaking with them about high school pressures and even horriffic sexual pressure in middle school leaves me a speechless blubbering blob. i want my 9 year old daughter to grow up cocooned and protected from all this mess! do they make slings big enough for me to carry her on my hip when she's 16? THAT way i can protect her! *grin*