Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breaking it Down to the Numbers

First I have to thank Cindy for telling me about the polka dot patch website. I love it!! It has great stuff. Gender neutral, but not blah stuff for little boys and girls. I especially enjoy these two designs: president not princess and doctor not diva.

So after cruising that website, I started to think of the basic facts. How many female doctors are practicing in the U.S.? A good estimate, I found out from Dr. Google, is over 400,000. Women today make up typically 50% of each medical school class. Women also make up the majority of vet school students and are approaching 50% for law students. When I was in dental school 18 years ago (my how time flies) women made up one-third of the class. I am sure it is much higher now. So the 400,000 is a conservative estimate of women doctors, since that number only includes female physicians and not vets, dentists, PhDs, etc. For a liberal estimate of divas in this country- I am going to say 100. So the docs have them beat hands (and lip glosses) down.
Women earn 35% of MBAs, yet only 2% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women. OK I am getting side-tracked. But there are at least 46 women who have been Presidents or Prime Ministers of actual countries. Plus all the women CEOs and business owners. I would say that number is much greater than the actual number of practicing princesses. So realistically and statistically speaking, we should be encouraging girls to hit the boardroom, the courtroom or the hospital and not the mall or the glass slipper store.
Wonder when the marketers will figure this out...................But they will probably ruin it with "Boardroom Barbie" with a pink briefcase, miniskirt and high heels. I hope at least Ken gets her the coffee.

That reminds me- years ago I found "Dentist Barbie" I bought her for posterity. She has flowing long blond hair which is perfect for getting in patients' mouths and/or getting suctioned by the high speed suction tube. She wears a short lab coat that says "Barbie DDS." I guess Dr. Barbie doesn't have a last name or much respect. To complete her professional ensemble: high heels. Did I mention she has no pants? I guess the short lab coat doubles as a micro miniskirt. I am sure she would be a very popular dentist, as it is next to impossible to sit chair-side with your legs together. It also shows off her great tan- because she also has time to lay out by the pool apparently.

I will pontificate on another day why so many talented and degreed women are not earning or careering like their male counterparts. A lot of people actually care and have been studying this phenomenon. Of course, motherhood and careerhood are very touchy subjects. I logged in 10 years as a dentist and 9 + years as a mother (some concurrently) and am now working from home. Am I living up to my potential? I think so, but some researchers don't.

But I digress, better get used to it. LOL. I do welcome feedback, thanks again Cindy. It is great to pull together positive influences for our little blooming presidents. Thanks for listening!

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Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Love the Barbie dentist. Did you hear they are also making Divorced Barbie these days?

She comes with all of Ken's things.