Sunday, July 6, 2008

Olympic Fun

We are so excited to be watching the Olympic Trials. Wish we had more than the limited coverage offered on our cable channels.....

We have a local phenom. A 16 year old girl who qualified for the 1500M finals. She was not expected to make the Olympic team, and she didn't. But what an inspiration she is! Her name is Jordan Hasay, so watch for her the next Olympic Games. Here is a video of her semi-final run.

I also found a great blog called sportsgirlsplay. The author blogs about female athletes and has done a very nice job of highlighting some strong Olympic trial performances by American women. Check it out to see some other great videos and a fabulous shot of 41 year old, first place finisher, swimmer Dara Torres holding her 2 year old daughter.

So many great women athletes. I am happy to see they seem to be covering the women's events as much as the men's. I hope you and your family can enjoy the upcoming Olympic Games!

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Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

Last week (before the trials), I was showing a house at the top of Rancho Grande. I saw little Jordan running UP the hill. Her ponytail is going to be her trademark - I could tell it was her from a very far distance. Speaking of far distances, she was a really long way away from anything and hauling some smart-girl butt!

And nobody was even chasing her to make run like that. Imagine.